HEP Drills into Their Data with New Technology


HEP Oil is a privately held independent oil and gas development and production company specializing in low cost oil and gas operations in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. HEP Oil GP, LLC is headquartered in Gainesville, Texas.

Data management and accurate reporting is critical to their business; thus, their search for a streamlined data process and reporting was warranted. They just made one mistake: they didn't start with Power10 Solutions. Ultimately, Power 10 Solutions saved HEP Oil & Gasover $100,000 in consulting costs and were able to reduce their data entry and reporting cycle from ten business days to just one.


HEP Oil & Gas was managing much of their business with spreadsheets, particularly production entry and reporting, which is often the norm these days. Daily production data was submitted via printed forms, entered into spreadsheets, and then distributed to multiple users in the company with various responsibilities. All reporting was manual and getting answers to basic questions meant knowing whom to call thus being dependent on others for information. The entire process was time-consuming and always open to errors.

HEP brought in a large Fortune 500 software company to solve these issues of accessibility, timeliness, and accuracy of information. At the company's recommendation, HEP decided to use a large scale reporting platform, seemingly a good choice, given that reporting was a primary objective. Implementation also included dashboards, custom reports, and screens for data entry. However, after several months of development and over $100,000 spent, the system was still incomplete. To make matters worse, what had been finished was unusable due to poor performance of the application. HEP had finally reached their wits' end. Enter Power 10 Solutions.


When brought in, we used our experience in business intelligence solutions and custom application development to perform the following:

  • Listen to client and evaluate overall business objectives and requirements
  • Evaluate existing BI/software platform for ability to meet these needs
  • Analyze existing database structure
  • Lay out additional features that would benefit HEP

Power 10 Solutions then executed the recommended changes, with the target time frame being six months.


Once the evaluations were complete, we decided to keep the platform intact and reuse as much of the work already done as possible, consequently cutting programming time immensely. However, because much of the previous code made the application useless, we scrapped faulty code in favor of an improved framework that enabled:

  • Quick and easy enhancements to the system by the end user
  • Flexible, high-performance reporting system with ad-hoc capabilities
  • Greater user adoption because of its ability to help with their daily work
  • Easy, user friendly interface

As part of the makeover, the database was restructured to allow for greater data integrity through table normalization and greater flexibility through an intelligent restructuring of key tables. Business logic was also moved out of the BI code and into database stored procedures to facilitate more complex, accurate and robust feedback mechanisms.

The site was also restructured to make it easier to add features down the road. Now, instead of the process taking days, HEP employees can make new entities to be tracked in a matter of a few hours. Code was greatly streamlined in order to avoid duplication of effort and "reinventing the wheel"; a problem seen so frequently in applications that are built on the fly without a solid, well thought out design. We are engineers at the core, so design and superior architecture are our forte.

When complete, the application was one month ahead of schedule. Power 10 Solutions saved HEP Oil & Gas over $100,000 in additional consulting costs. As an added bonus, HEP's production management system saves them thousands of dollars due to increased productivity.


This case study is a perfect example of how crucial it is to get the job done right the first time. At Power 10 Solutions, we pride ourselves on executing the job properly and in a timely manner, right off the bat. It's our job to save you time, energy, and money. Call us today for an evaluation of your processes.

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